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Creating copies allow you to share a specific version as if it was a new document. This new document has its own members and draft versions, it can then push versions back to the parent document.

Copies are useful in a number of situations:

  • When you want someone to contribute to a document but don’t want them to see all of the other draft versions (I.e. Sharing a contract with a client or gathering feedback from Senior Management).
  • When you want someone to contribute to a document but want to be able to approve their changes before they make it back into the document

To create a copy, navigate to the version of an existing document you want to share and select the ‘Push to Copy’ link from the Actions menu:

After selecting “Push to copy”, you will be taken to the copies management screen. If you are creating a new copy for the first time you will see something similar to the following:

Type a new name for the copy in the box provided – it should be related to the original but also clearly state the purpose for the diversion.

This copy will appear as a new document which clearly states it has been copied. You can then invite members and work on this document like any other.

Any member can then “Push a copy” back to the master document. Just like above, select “Push a copy” from the document options menu. You will now see the “Master document” as an option to push to:

The pushed copy will then appear in its own separate branch in the master copy:

The pushed version, is then treated like any other version and can be edited or merged with the master branch:

You do not need to be a member of the parent document (or copy) to push copies to it. If you push to a document for which you do not have access – a member will need to review your “push” and accept or reject it. Members will see the following:

If the copy is accepted, then the copy becomes a regular version. If it’s reject, it will be removed from view and the “pusher” of the copy informed.

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