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Uploading a document

You can take advantage of Simul by uploading existing documents or by creating blank documents. To get started, sign in to Simul and you will be taken to the document console.

Near the top right of the screen you will see a ‘Add New Document’ button.

Click the button and a modal box will appear.

Uploading a Document

To upload an existing document from your computer, you can either drag and drop Microsoft Word documents into the modal, or select one of the icons to browse documents in that location.

Once you’ve selected your document, the following modal will appear:

In this modal, you can name your document (it will be prefilled with the name of the .docx file) and select if you would like to add it to a Collection.

Creating a blank document

Instead of uploading an existing document from your computer, you can also just create a new blank document. This essentially creates blank Word doc that already lives in Simul.

To do this, select the “Create blank document” icon from the modal. a

You will then be shown a screen where you can give your new document a file name like you normally would. This should be short but descriptive and contain no special characters.

Optional: Adding to a collection

Optionally; you can select the “Add document to collection” check box.

Collections are like folders or tags, they provide a way of grouping similar documents together. This makes life easier when browsing for a document but is not required.

If you choose to categorise your document in a collection, select the option and type the name of either an existing collection or a new one:

Press “UPLOAD” and your document will be transferred to, or created in Simul.

Specifying a version number

Simul automatically assigns version numbers to prevent human errors but it is supported to set the initial version number for a new document.

By default, the first version number is 0.0.1, every revision will increment x.y.Z. Every time a member publishes a minor and major version x.Y.z and X.y.z will be incremented respectively. Simul will accept any version number where x.y.z are all positive whole numbers including 0.0.0.

Select the tile of the new document you just created or uploaded. You will see the default version number set in the console:

Select “Change”, you can then enter the major, minor and revision numbers separately:

Select “Save”. This will immediately update the version number and the version number of all future revisions (if any).

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