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Editing a document

Once you’ve uploaded a document or another user has shared one with you; you can start making changes using Microsoft Word. When you edit documents in Microsoft Word, as you normally would, all changes will be recorded regardless of whether “Tracked Changes” was turned on.

On your document console, select the document you wish to edit. Your document will look similar to below:

The above tile is showing the following:

  • The document is called “Business Sales Agreement”
  • It was last modified by Aaron Beashel on the 10th of April 2020

Clicking this tile will take you to the document versions page. Select the version you want to edit and press the “Open in Word” button on the right hand side of the screen.

Microsoft Word will then launch automatically. Make your updates and press “Save” as you normally would.

At this point, if you return to Simul, you will see a new version created. The new version will display a message indicating that someone is editing the document and the last time they saved their changes.

Simply save your document as normal and quit Microsoft Word; this informs Simul to calculate all changes you’ve made and show them to all users:

Editing in Word Online

Simul Documents is a Microsoft Office Cloud Storage Partner. This allows users to edit documents directly in their browser using Microsoft’s Office Online.

Similar to the above, navigate to the document you wish to edit online and select the Open In Word Online option from the Actions menu:

This will launch Microsoft Office Online in a new tab where you can make revisions directly in your browser:

After making your changes, ensure the title bar says “Saved to Simul Documents” and you can close the tab or select “File” -> “Exit” to return to Simul.

You will see a new revision in the documents history and a comparison of the changes you’ve made.

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