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Email Notifications

Simul sends notifications of events via email. You can control the frequency at which emails are sent.

Transactional Emails

The following events are considered “transactional” and are sent immediately regardless of your notification settings:

  • Account emails such as password resets, account verification
  • A document is shared with you
  • A task is assigned to you

Notification Emails

The following events are considered “notifications” and can either be sent immediately or bundled into batches to reduce the amount of emails you receive from Simul:

  • New document revisions
  • Comments on revisions or tasks
  • Changes to task metadata such as due date
  • Document renamed

Notification Settings

To change your notification settings, sign in to Simul as per normal and click the down arrow next to your name in the top corner. From the options that appear, select “Settings”:

Once in the Settings section, you will see the following box which allows you to select the frequency you want to receive emails:

By default, Simul sends an email once every two hours. This email will include a summary of all notifications relevant to your account which occurred in that two-hour window.

You can configure Simul to send you an email once per day with all relevant notifications or to inform you immediately when an event takes place.

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