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Free Account Limitations

Simul has a free tier in its pricing structure to allow you to try it out and see if it’s right for you and/or your organisation.

When you’re on the free plan, you can use all the features of Simul. This includes creating versions, branching, comparing versions, reverting to previous versions, and more.

However, you can do only do this on 1 document.

If you try to upload a 2nd document, you will see a message asking you to upgrade your account.

Collaborating on other people’s documents

The 1 document limit on of the Free plan only applies to documents that you upload to Simul.

If somebody invites you to collaborate on a document that they uploaded, that document is considered ‘their document’ and counts towards their limits, not yours.

Therefore, even if you are on the free plan you can collaborate on an unlimited number of other people’s documents. It’s only when you try to upload your own documents that you will hit the limits of the free plan and need to upgrade.

Upgrading your account

To remove all limitations, please refer to our guide: Upgrading your account.

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