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Generate an API key

An API allows a computer program to access Simul as if it was using your account.

It is common for organisations to want to backup documents or integrate Simul with other line of business applications.

Simul’s API supports a limited set of read-only operations.

Please note: API access is only possible for paid subscriptions. Instructions on upgrading your account can be found here.

If you wish to integrate with Simul, or grant your organisation permission to read your documents, navigate to the “API” section under “Settings”:

You will see the following message, indicating that there is no API key for your account and only you can access your documents:

Select “Enable API Access”, Simul will generate an API key for you and display it:

At any time, you can regenerate the key or revoke all API access.

Copy the API key and pass it to Simul when ever using the operations listed here.

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