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Import New Version

Simul can incorporate changes made offline back into its revision history. This can be handy for a number of reasons:

  • You have downloaded a file to send a copy via email, you want to validate any changes to the document using Simul
  • You have downloaded a file to work offline
  • You have downloaded a copy to upload to a separate tool for regulatory reasons, changes have been made and must be included

To upload a document, select the appropriate document from the documents console.

Select the most appropriate revision, this is usually the version you used to download a copy.

Select the “Import New Version” options from the “Actions” menu in the right hand column

Drag and drop your file onto the tile, or select one of the icons to browse that destination.

You will then be presented with a screen where you can Name the version or Add a comment. This can be useful for noting the changes made and who they were made by (if not by you). For instance, you might name the version ‘Joel’s Edits’ and write a small comment about what Joel changed and why.

Click ‘Import Version’ and your uploaded document will then appear as a regular revision.

Uploading in a separate branch

If the offline version is from a third party or potentially out of sync, you can upload the document into a separate branch. This will create it in a separate branch and allow you to review it before potentially merging it into your version history. If you do decide to merge, it will allow you to open the merged version in Microsoft Word with all the authors changes marked up using Track Changes.

To upload the new version in a separate branch, ensure the ‘Upload in Separate Branch’ box is ticked:

This will cause the uploaded document to exist in its own branch like so:

The version will be labeled that it is an offline copy and can be merged with your documents as described here.

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