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Moving documents

You can organise the different documents in your account to help make ti easier to find them.

Simul has 2 different ways of keeping related documents together, including Document Sets and Collections. You can read more about them here.

To move a document to a new Document Set or Collection, go to your documents console and find the document you with to move. In this example we will move the “Business Sale Agreement” document.

Select the 3 dots menu icon in the top right corner of the tile. You will be presented with a list of options, select “Move Document”:

You will be presented with a modal that will enable you to move the document to a Document Set or Collection.

Moving to a Document Set

To move a Document to a Document Set, select the ‘Part of a Document’ set option and the modal will expand.

Select the Document Set you’d like to move the document to from the list. If there are nested document sets (I.e. Document Sets inside the top-level document sets) then they will appear in the left-side columns.

Once you’ve selected the right Document Set, click Move.

Remember though, when a document is in a Document Set it inherits the members from the Document Set, so make sure that you’re aware of what members have access to the documents in that Document Set before moving.

Moving to a Collection

To move a document to a Collection, select the ‘Independent Document’ option and the modal will expand.

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Type the name of the Collection you wish to move it to and Collections matching your search will appear.

Once you see the Collection you want to move it to, select it and then click the ‘Move’ button at the bottom.

If you want to create a new Collection, simply type the name of it in the ‘Choose a Collection’ line and click ‘Move’

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