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Notifications Center

The Notification Center gives you a simple way to see exactly what has been going on across all documents you are a member of.

In one spot you can see when:

  • New versions have been created
  • New comments have been left
  • Tasks have been completed
  • Versions have been published
  • And more

It’s great way to keep up to date with changes in your documents and ensure you know when a change has been made, who changed it and when.

Read on to learn more about the Notification Center.

Accessing the Notification Center

To access the Notification Center, select the bell icon in the top bar of the Simul application.

As you can see from the screenshot above, when you have unread notifications a number will appear above the bell icon to let you know how many unread notifications there are (similar to Facebook & email applications).

Understanding the Notification Center

The Notification Center provides a chronologically-ordered list of things that have happened on documents that you are a member of, including when new versions get created, new comments are left, versions are published and more.

Filtering Notifications

Use the sidebar on the left to filter notifications down to only what you want to see. For instance, you may only want to see new comments that are left on document you’re working on, or when Approvals that are required from you.

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