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Publish a Document

At certain points during a documents life, it makes sense to publish a minor or major version.

Simul assigns version numbers to revisions in the following format: X.Y.Z:

  • X. The major version, this usually represents a major change to the meaning of a document
  • Y. The minor version, this usually represents a significant change requiring review to a document
  • Z. The revision number, any changes to a document will increment this number

Publishing gives more meaningful version numbers; in addition Simul will convert the document to a pdf and make it easier to compare minor / major versions without seeing all draft versions.

To publish a minor or major version, navigate to your documents console and select the appropriate document.

In this example; we are going to publish a minor version of the document “Business Sales Agreement”.

Select the “Publish this version” options from the “Actions” menu of the version you wish to publish

Select either “Minor” or “Major” version and press “Publish”:

This revision will be assigned a new version number and show that a user has published it:

You can now find the version listed under the major versions tab as well, which is accessible from the Document Options menu next to the Members list:

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