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Searching for a document or version

Simul has a powerful search functionality that makes it easy to find documents in your account, and even specific versions of documents in your account.

To conduct a search, follow the below instructions:

1. Type your search term in the search box

To start a search, click the search icon in the top right of the My Documents page.

This will open the search box where you can enter the name of a document or version.

Enter a search term such as ‘Business purchase agreement’ or ‘Clients edits’ and press Enter.

2. Select the desired result from the search results

After you hit enter, the search results will be shown like below.

As you can see from the screenshots above, different types of results (I.e. Documents, Document Sets and Versions) are all shown and marked with different icons.

To navigate to a specific Document Set, Document or Version, simply click on it in the results.

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