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Selecting the right plan for you

Simul has 3 paid plans: Individual, Squad and Team.

All plans include all features and allow you to upload unlimited documents and collaborate on them with an unlimited number of collaborators.

The difference in the plans basically comes down to how many people can upload new documents to Simul.

The Individual plan allows 1 person to upload documents, the Squad plan allows 3 people to upload documents, and the Team plan allows 7.

Here’s a few examples to help illustrate which plan might be best for you:

  • If you’re an individual who wants to use Simul to collaborate on a few documents with others, the Individual plan is best as you can have 1 Creator (you) and unlimited collaborators.
  • If you’re a team of 3 people and you want everybody in your team to be able to upload new documents to Simul, then the Squad plan is right for you as it allows for 3 Creators.
  • If you’re a team of 10 people but only 7 of them need to be able to upload new documents to Simul then the Team plan would be right for you, as the other 3 people could just have accounts on the ‘Free’ plan and can collaborate on the documents uploaded and shared with them by the 7 people who have the ability to add new documents.

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