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Selecting the right plan for you

All plans include all features and allow you to collaborate on an unlimited number of documents.

The difference in the plans basically comes down to how many people have a user account in Simul. A person will need a user account to log in to Simul, open a document, make edits, create new versions, leave comments, etc.

The Individual plan allows 1 person to have an account, the Squad plan allows 3 people to have accounts, the Team plan allows 7, and the Custom plan allows you to choose how many.

Here are a few example scenarios to help you understand how best to proceed:

  • Single User – A single user should upgrade to the Individual plan. If they need to collaborate with others, they can do so using the Share This Version feature.
  • Multiple users paying separately – Each user should upgrade their account to the Individual plan. They can then upload their own documents or collaborate on other people’s documents.
  • Multiple users paying together – One user should upgrade to a Squad, Team or Custom plan and then assign the licences to other users. Each licenced user can then upload their own documents as well as collaborate on other people’s documents.

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