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Sharing a document set

When sharing a document set, you grant access to all the documents in it, as well as any documents in Document Sets that are within that Document Sets (I.e. Nested Document Sets).

Permissions are inherited, but can be overwritten for a specific document.

To share a document set, select the desired document set:

On the left side of the Document Set, you will see it’s members. To Add or Edit Members, click the ‘View / Edit Members’ button:

You will see a list of members who already have access to the document set. The members will have access as per one of the following:

  • Contributor The user will be able to add documents to the document set and inherit Contributor rights for all documents
  • Owner The same as above; plus the user will be able to share the document set with other users and remove documents.
  • Viewer Users can only see major versions of the documents in the document set and can’t make any modifications

To invite a new member to collaborate on the document, select the “Invite a new member” button near the top left corner of the screen:

You will see a pop-up similar to the following:

Enter the email address of the user you wish to invite. This can be any email address; if the user is not a member they will be sent an invitation email.

Select either “Owner”, “Contributor” or “Viewer” and press “Invite”. The user will receive an email.

All documents in the document set will then inherit these permissions. If we select the members tab of a document, we can see the inherited permissions:

You can then assign permissions specifically to the document without impacting the document set if need be.

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