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Updating/Closing a Task

Tasks allow members to assign work relating to a document to each other.

Users will see the number of tasks assigned to them highlighted in a red circle on the documents page:

To view or update tasks, select the relevant document and navigate to the tasks page by selecting the Manage Tasks item from the Document Options menu:

You will see a list of existing tasks similar to the following:

Select the task you wish to update, you will see a page with the full history of the task:

A task can be modified in 5 ways:

  • Status– A task can either be “open” or “closed”. The status will be shown in the left column. To close an open task, select the edit icon next to the Status and select “close”
  • Assigned to – A task can be assigned to a member of the document.To change the assignee, click the edit icon next to the Assignee name in the left column and then type either their name or email into the text box. Select the user from the drop-down list and select “Assign”
  • Due date – To change the due date for a task, click the edit icon next to the due date in the left column and select a new date from the calendar.
  • Title – You can change the title of a task by selecting the edit icon next to the title. Enter the new title and press save.
  • Commenting – At any time, you can add comments to a task. These will form part of the tasks history and be visible to all members.

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