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Updating your credit card details

Simul makes it easy to update the credit card details associated with your account.

Simply follow the steps below:

1. Login to Simul, go to the User Menu and select ‘Settings’

Login to your Simul account and navigate to the Settings section of the application by clicking the arrow next to your name in the top right corner, and then selecting the ‘Settings’ option.

Once in the Settings section, select ‘Subscription’ from the left hand menu.

2. Select the update your billing details option

Underneath the ‘Your Plan’ section where it shows the different Simul plans and the one you are currently on, there is a box of text that reads ‘You can update your billing details here’

Click on the word ‘here’

3. Enter your updated credit card details

In the dialog box that appears, select the ‘Add New Card’ tickbox and enter your new credit card details.

When finished, click the ‘Update’ button. We use Stripe to process payments, the same secure infrastructure used by the likes of Unicef, Lyft, Xero, Open Table, Salesforce and more, so you can rest assured your details will be protected.

4. Update complete!

After you’ve entered your credit card details and clicked Update, the details on file will be updated and you’re new credit card will be charged moving forward,

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