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Creating a Collection

Collections are similar to folders or tags. They provide a way to categorize documents to make browsing for documents easier.

Your collections will be listed on the documents console with a number indicating how many documents are within:

To create a collection, you must either create or upload a new document and specify a new collection name; or move an existing document to a new collection.

This is different to folders where you create the folder and then move documents.

Create a collection during upload

To upload or create a document, follow the instructions here.

At the final stage of uploading, you can specify a collection. Start typing a name and Simul will offer suggestions of existing collections.

To create a new collections, ignore the suggested options and enter a new unique name for the collection:

Create a collection by moving a document

To create a collection by moving an existing document, go to your documents console and find the document you with to move. In this example we will move “Business Sale Agreement”

Select the 3 dots menu icon at the top right of the tile. You will be presented with a list of options, select “Move Document”:

Enter a unique name for the new collection and press “Move”:

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