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Creating a Task

Tasks allow members to assign work relating to a document to each other.

Users will see the number of tasks assigned to them highlighted in a red circle on the documents page:

To create a task, select the relevant document and navigate to the tasks page by selecting the Manage Tasks item from the Document Options menu:

You will see a list of existing tasks similar to the following:

Select the “New Task” button on the left hand side of the screen:

You will be asked to set the following:

  • Title (*required) – The title or name for the task, this should be a short and unique.
  • Assigned to (optional) – You can assign the task to a member of the document. This user will be notified by Simul that they are responsible for this task.
  • Due date (optional) – If appropriate, you can specify the date the task is due.
  • Description (optional) – Specify more detailed instructions, explanation or references.

Once created, Simul will track all updates on the task timeline similar to the following:

To update or close a task, please refer to updating tasks guide.

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