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Download a Version

Normally, you don’t need to worry about working offline with Simul. If you open a document and then lose your internet connection, you can save the document as normal and office will upload it the next time you’re online.

This is done via the “Office Upload Centre” which comes bundled with Microsoft Word. In the following example, the document “Tutorial.docx” is pending upload:

There are times however, when it makes sense to download a copy to be manually uploaded at a later date. This could be to send a copy to a co-worker for a quick one-off review / change.

To download a document, select the appropriate document from the documents console.

Select the “Download this version” option from the “Actions” menu on the right hand column of the version you wish to download:

The Word document will be downloaded as a regular file. Please refer to the importing new version guide for details on uploading any changes.

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