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Redeem Your Academic or NFP Discount

Simul offers discounts for Students, Academics and Not For Profit Organisations.

To learn more about the program and request a discount code, see this page.

Otherwise to redeem your discount, follow the instructions below:

1. Select the plan that is right for you

Select which plan is right for you and your organisation (see our article on selecting the right plan here) and click ‘Upgrade’ on the desired plan.

Simul will automatically detect your location and attempt to show you prices in the most relevant currency to you (I.e. USD for people in USA). The prices in the screenshot above are shown in AUD and may look different depending on your local currency.

3. Enter your credit card details & discount code

After you click ‘Upgrade’ on your desired plan, you will be asked to enter your credit card details.

Enter valid credit card details into the form and then select the ‘Enter Coupon Code” option to enter your discount code. Once you have completed the credit card & coupon code fields, select the ‘Pay’ button.

3. Upgrade complete!

After you’ve entered your credit card details and clicked Upgrade, you should see a confirmation message.

If you selected the Squad or Team plans which include licences for multiple creators, see our article on Adding Team Members to learn how to assign User Licences to other members of your organisation.

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